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Cooking Classes

Benefits of Cooking:
  • Improve gross and fine motors skills through learning how to properly cut, assemble, and plate food

  • Bolster independence and sense of responsibility by learning how to safely use kitchen equipment and completing tasks. 

  • Explore cultures through food and increase your knowledge of the world

  • Expand your palate by trying out new and interesting ingredients

  • Cooking requires adding, dividing, and kitchen problem solving which reinforces academic skills and executive functioning in a fun tangible way. 

Our time together

Getting Started

The set up for a typical class: 


  • We'll set up a time to discuss your cooking needs and go over your kitchen equipment.

  • We design class curriculum based on what you like to learn and your skill level.

  • We do the shopping, then come to your house about 30 mins before the class to get set up.

  • We always review kitchen safety.

  • We'll go over the recipes for the class.

  • Chop, whisk, blend, blanch, shock, sear your way through amazing foods all prepared by you! 

  • Finally, sit and eat the fruits of your labor!


  • Class length can be adjusted for the age and skill level of participants.  

  • Due to the customized nature of the classes, the cost of groceries is not included. Food costs will be based on the menu we create for the class. 

  • Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an actively participating adult. 

  • Classes with 5 or more students will require an assistant to ensure everyone has the best experience possible!  Assistant costs are included in the rate. 

  • Rates include shopping, set up, class, clean up, and any handouts or collateral materials.

Adaptive Classes

  • We create a space where there is no pressure to be perfect. Instead, we inspire people to experiment and teach them how to come back from “mistakes”. We also love to try new things and are great at motivating others to do the same.

  • Vast experience working with children and adults of all abilities. We cater to each person’s unique skill and developmental stages.  

  • We keep the right balance of engagement, encouragement, inspiration/motivation and learning. 

  • We have the skills to adapt quickly and easily to any situation. We can make content/ activity changes on the fly as we read the atmosphere of the class and the unique abilities of each student.  This also allows us to bring out the best in people even if they think they have limitations. 

  • We truly love to work with all abilities, if you have a question about how we can best work together with you, your child or loved one, please do not hesitate to call us.

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