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Educational Workshops 

Length of Program: 1 hour * can be increased based on event needs


Any of our educational workshops can be turned into a food demo. Please see food demo section for more details. 


  • Sample Topics (tailored to the needs of your population)

    • Brain-Boosting Foods

    • Mind-Body Skills including Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

    • Heart Healthy

    • Diabetes Support

    • Salt Substitutes / Healthy Sugar Alternatives 

    • Healthy Gut

    • Everyday Ayurveda

    • How to Read a Food Label

    • Meal Planning on a Budget 

    • Cooking basics 

    • Pantry review/how to stock

    • Grocery Shopping Tour

    • Easy ways to get moving

    • How to cook for special diets (i.e., diabetes, gluten-free, FODMAP low sodium, vegetarian)


Training sessions include:  

  • Wellness handouts 

  • Recipe handouts 

  • Groups of more than 10 people would require 2 trainers if breakout sessions are needed. 

  • Cost: starting at $425  


Cooking Demonstrations

Length of Program: 2 hours  


Taste the World Cultural Program includes:

  • Food and cultural lessons from around the world.

  • Cooking demonstration & Food Tasting

  • Recipe packet for participants

  • Sample topics: 

    • Hispanic Heritage Month

    • Black History Month

    • Holidays: such as Passover, Easter, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Chanukah 

    • World Cuisines

    • Custom: Can be adapted to the cultural makeup of each location.


  • Culinary cultural appreciation and awareness

  • Exposure to new foods and culinary traditions

  • Increased community involvement


Super Food Program includes:

  • Each month/week featuring a different Superfood (quinoa, kale, ginger)

  • Cooking demonstration & Food Tasting

  • Recipe packet  for participants


  • Participants will have a better understanding about how to incorporate the Superfood into their diet

  • Increase confidence in translating medically prescribed diets into meals they can actually prepare. 

  • Exposure to new, health-supportive foods


Cost: Starting at $650. Pricing includes food samples for up to 25 participants.  

Custom Programs 

Don’t see a topic that speaks to you?  We are happy to customize a program to meet your needs! 

Contact us at  or 919.357.4223. 

Clients that use our services:


  • Individuals/ homeschooling groups: People who value the power of cooking not only as a life skill, but as means to bolster creativity, confidence, and self-expression beyond the kitchen.


  • Agencies: such as adult day centers, assisted living, schools and community centers that feel cooking is an essential life skill and the foundation for broader learning.


  • Teach the teacher: Educators that like our philosophy and want to learn how to use our curriculum and teaching methods to teach others. 


What we bring to the table: 


  •  Education in psychology, child development, mental health, behavior analysis and culinary school bring a unique set of skills that allow us to truly customize classes for your students. 

  • Vast experience working with children and adults of all abilities. Sensitivity to their skill and developmental stages.  Keeping the right balance of engagement, encouragement, inspiration/motivation and learning. 

  • Ability to adapt quickly and easily to any situation. We can make content/ activity decisions on the fly as we read the atmosphere of the audience and see their abilities.  This also allows us to bring out the best in people even if they think they have limitations. 

  •  We create a space where there is no pressure to be perfect. Instead, we inspire people to experiment and teach them how to come back from “mistakes”. We also love to try new things and are good at motivating others to do the same.

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