Our commitment to thoughtful food and unique culinary inspirations continues in our boutique on premise catering.


Drink, mingle with friends, and RELAX. Our chefs take care of the rest even if everyone at the party needs a different diet.


We love helping people come together over food, after all, FUN is nourishing too!


Contact us when you are: 

  • Entertaining clients or your boss is coming to dinner!

  • Wanting a Romantic Dinner- Works better than flowers, promise!

  • Planning a  Birthday Party 

  • Throwing a  Bachelor/Bachelorette Party - What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen!

  • Having a  Weekend Brunch 

  • Desiring a Cocktail Party



 We wanted to take you back to our Italian roots and provide you with truly authentic Italian fare. We offer both family recipes and traditional dishes we have learned from living, cooking, and traveling throughout Italy. We believe the beauty of Italian food comes from its simplicity. Every authentic Italian dish is built upon the best, freshest, and seasonal ingredients which assures you the most flavorful dishes you can imagine. As your personal chefs, we will create an elegant and classical "serata Italiana" in the comfort of your own home. We love sharing family stories and our knowledge about the vast culinary traditions of our homeland. While we honed the nutritional and technical side of cooking at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and ALMA -Scuola Internazionale Di Cucina Italiana in Colorno Italy, the real learning took place in the family kitchens alongside our mom, grandmother, and aunts. Those are the real master chefs of Italian Cuisine and we can't wait to honor their teachings by bringing them to your table. 

Fun, and light authentic Italian summer meal.  This menu features handmade pastas, just like we learned from our grandmother and  Vitello Tonnato, one our favorite dishes when visiting our parents in Italy. The closest you can get to feeling like you're dinning al fresco in an Italian villa without actually flying there!

Each dish is designed to highlight the variety of the Cucina Italiana ( Italian Kitchen) . From the North we feature Rabbit Cacciatora  with Polenta and travel all the way down to Puglia with Fave e Cicorie. You will savor each moment of this culinary tour of Italy. 

We’re often asked “ are you Italian, Italian or like American Italian?” To which I often reply “real, like “off the boat” Italian”. This inspired our seafood menu and this time “off the boat” brings us back to dishes we made after getting  fresh fish straight from the pescatori  ( fishermen) right from the docks.

These are dishes you would find in little mountainside retreats called “Baite”. Imagine yourself stopping there after a long walk through the hills. Relax while feasting on  delicacies such as wild porcini mushrooms with truffles, savory grilled lamb chops, and hearty 4 cheese gnocchi. 

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We invite you to explore our sample menus below. In addtion, we have an endless collection of delicious dishes and can't wait to create your custom event. Contact us now to get your party started!