Who We Are


We are a personal chef, culinary instruction, and boutique catering company focusing on health & mind supportive, local, and seasonal food.  We take the work out of cooking so that you can enjoy your meals knowing your nutrition and health needs are being met.



Our clients range from  busy families to individuals that want a variety in their meals and fresh, energy-sustaining food to help them meet life’s demands.



We create exquisite dishes that will promote health, improve your mood and  specialize in cooking for people with specific food needs who don’t want to sacrifice flavorful and satisfying meals.

Our Philosophy


Well Rooted Kitchen,LLC was founded on the desire to take the stress away from food and help you eat your way to a healthier you and a better mood!


This philosophy also carries into our boutique catering services. Thoughtful food and inspiring menus are individually crafted for those seeking to host truly unique events and culinary experiences.


Why Well Rooted?

To be “well rooted” means that your foundations are strong and firmly established. The key to establishing these "healthy roots" for your body begins with nutrition and your mindset when it comes to food and healthy living.


We want to help you get Well Rooted! 

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